Artist Statement

I am a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist. I work across disciplines with theater companies, writers, musicians, and filmmakers. My work is diverse in form and content, encompassing productions for the stage, site-specific work, and installations.

I find inspiration in the tensions between internal state and external appearance, expectation and reality, hopes and fears. My artistic process is borne of a deep desire to understand and connect. I sample from improvisational techniques, modern, jazz, and hip-hop dance training, Viewpoints and other theatrical approaches, and quotidian physical routines to build movement vocabularies. My work is multifaceted in meaning and layer with elements of tension and release, personal and political, text and movement.

I believe that art is a place to explore truths that speak to and of a collective unconscious. The stage, whether it is a theater, gymnasium, or backyard, is one of the only places where time stands still, stories are told uninterrupted, and societal norms are questioned. I strive to add to the richness of expression and depth of possibility that art brings into our everyday lives.