Women's March Revisited

we marched

in a small town in rural Germany

we marched


we mazed 

our bodies through the labyrinthine remains of an old cement factory

four of us, together

venting fury and despair

throwing rocks

breaking glass

kicking formless metal objects

burning wood

cracking concrete

dancing atop rubble


protest music on a portable speaker



we came together to mourn

(the sadness in my bones wreaks them of strength as I collapse on the floor to stare blankly out the window into the grey-white winter sky





we came together to fight

(terror spasms through me as I watch the Inauguration, certain that I hear him announce the end of democracy and the start of authoritarian rule with him as the big, red -faced rule-maker / rule-breaker)



we came together to do something

a symbolic gesture perhaps

done for our own sense of self-satisfaction


but what better reason is there than this, a sense of satisfaction in ourselves



we can come together

and we can do



and everything

that has been done 

so that I can believe that 

is why I march