December 26 - January 3 2019
Winter Update Meeting at PAF residency (dance, choreography)

September 6 - 9
soft fists insist premieres in Tunis, Tunisia at feminist arts festival Chouftouhonna (dance, choreography, performance)

August 15
soft fists insist performance at GRRL HAUS CINEMA event at Loophole in Berlin (dance, choreography, performance)

August 2 - 4
Fake Company performs at DOCK 11 in Berlin (dance, improvisation, performance)

July 9 - 13
What-If-Then Residency Participant at BAU Studio's in Amsterdam, Netherlands (dance, choreography, collaboration)

June 1
Go-go dancer at the monthly LETZ BE ON party at Schwuz nightclub in Berlin (dance, performance)

May 18
soft fists insist performance at PAUL STUDIOS as part of The Wall Series Vol. 2 (dance, choreography, performance)

April 6
Go-go dancer at the monthly LETZ BE ON party at Schwuz nightclub in Berlin (dance, performance)

March 2
Go-go dancer at the monthly LETZ BE ON party at Schwuz nightclub in Berlin (dance, performance)

February 20
Performer at the VISIT FILMS Berlinale party at Paloma nightclub in Berlin (dance, performance art, choreography)

February 2
Go-go dancer at the monthly LETZ BE ON party at Schwuz nightclub in Berlin (dance, performance)

January 11 - 13 and 18 - 20
IMAGO premieres at Durham Fruit in Durham, NC (dance, choreography, performance, production)


December 9
Queer Werkout workshop at Pieter Space in Los Angeles (dance, somatics, teaching)

December 2 - 3
soft fists insist, an excerpt from IMAGO, performance at ada studios as part of their showcase NAH DRAN 67 (dance, choreography, performance)

December 1
Go-go dancer at the monthly LETZ BE ON party at Schwuz nightclub in Berlin (dance, performance)

November 18
Deepen Your Pilates Knowledge! workshop at Movement in Moabit (teaching)

November 6 - 11
Fake Company residency and performance at the Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft (dance, improvisation, performance)

November 3
Go-go dancer at the monthly LETZ BE ON party at Schwuz nightclub in Berlin (dance, performance)

October 20
Unfinished Fridays at Lake Studios Berlin : soft fists insist, a 10-minute excerpt from IMAGO, performance at a works-in-progress showcase (dance, choreography, performance)

July 24 - 28
BE AS YOU DO, a five-day collaborative workshop Leah Wilks at pOnderosa. Technical physical tasks, committed durational processes, and suggested improvisational explorations steer our journey. Stolzenhagen, DE (dance, teaching)

THE MOVING PARADOX SERIES: Acceptance and Resistance, a weekly workshop series at K77 for the month of May, used somatic and dance exercises to facilitate awareness around where-when-and-how our bodies experience acceptance and resistance in stillness, movement, and physical relationships. Berlin, DE (dance, somatics, teaching)

March 23 - April 2
The Nothing is Coming! During an artist residency at Wolf Kino in collaboration with director Josephine Decker, I co-created and choreographed a Virtual Reality Film that poses (and proposes an answer) to the question, What if Sesame Street taught children about sex, sexuality, and porn? Berlin, DE (collaboration, choreography, performance)

February 14 - March 8
Ponderosa on the Road : ISRAEL Three weeks in Israel with other members of the extended pOnderosa family. We taught classes and workshops, hosted a performance marathon, and did a lot of contact improv with the Israeli people. In between events we travelled the country, staying with local people and learning about the history, culture, and politics of the place. (teaching, dancing, producing)

Wednesday January 25
FANCY, an original performance piece I choreographed and performed in in which I embodied the imaginary love child of Sally Bowles (Cabaret) and Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange). Performed at Ludwig in Berlin, DE (choreography, performance)

January 18 - February 13
A one-month long artist residency at betOnest, a former cement factory in the village of Stolpe/Oder in northeast Germany. I documented my experiences here - including a Women's March and a lot of standing - in this blog. Stolpe, DE (writing, art)


December 10
Fish, Reptile, Mammala three-hour workshop at Ponderosa's SNOW CAMP that focuses on the biomechanics of evolution, answering questions such as: Why do our eyes face forwards, and our spines move in three directions? Stolzenhagen, DE  {teaching, producing}

October 21
Sweet and Tangy, a drag piece inspired by fruit, hunting, and the American South, premieres at Get F*cked with Olympia Bukkakis and Friends, a "bigger, better, and tastier Queer Performance Night" at Café Engels in Berlin, DE {choreography, performance}

September 16 - 19
Queeries showinga three-day public sharing of a two-week exchange of experiences and practices at Ponderosa, held at Ausland in Berlin, DE {performance}
featuring too many brilliant artists to name them all here; check out this page for more! (collaboration, performance)

July 22
One More Timea showing of works done, undone, and never-before-run at The Durham Fruit Company in Durham, NC {choreography, performing}
featuring performances with Zoia Cisneros, Liam O'Neill, Leah Wilks, and Matthew Young (choreography, performance, producing)

May 20 - 22
Rift, a duet in collaboration with New Zealand dancer and choreographer Vicky Kapo, premieres at the Real.Live.People Presents show at The Latvian Society in Philadelphia, PA {choreography, collaboration, performance}

May 10 - 18
Creator-in-Residence at Earthdance with New Zealand dancer and choreographer Vicky Kapo {choreography, collaboration}

April 29
There Will Be Rolling, a duet in collaboration with actor and dancer Liam O'Neill, premieres at 1x2x3: An Evening of Duets at The Carrack Modern Art in downtown Durham, NC {choreography, collaboration, performance}

April 16
Choreographer for musician Kamara Thomas' latest music video, Oh Gallows, at Shadowbox Studios in Durham, NC {choreography}

March 25
Durham Independent Dance Artists (DIDA) fundraiser at The Vault in Durham, NC {producing}

March 19
Viewpoints Lab at The Durham Dance Tsunami in Durham, NC {teaching} 

February 4 - 6
US premiere of Of Gods and Sea Monsters at the Greensboro Fringe Festival {choreography, performance}

January 16
Somatic Improvisation Workshop at Ninth Street Dance {teaching}