photo by Ludger Storcks


How do you survive a miserable and lonely adolescence? You suffer parents who just don’t understand - in fact, you're pretty sure no one understands your deep profundity - but nevertheless you want to share and connect over the vividness, excitement, and discoveries of life. While this question is rooted in a stage of life, its answer is relevant for lonely people everywhere: you survive by dreaming of not being lonely.

“a long lineage of loneliness, and dreams” explores one person’s journey through their dreams and disappointments, their loneliness and learning, as they weave the story of their life over the course of 45 minutes. Part autobiography and part fiction, this solo features poetry, dance, and performance art as the setting shifts from concert arena to childhood bedroom to stage. With a sense of humor and hope, “a long lineage of loneliness, and dreams” dives into issues of inherited trauma, societal expectations, and “Stairway to Heaven” to emerge, paradoxically, with a sense of loneliness which unites.

“how everything still turns to gold,” a 15-minute excerpt from “a long lineage of loneliness and dreams,” was performed as part of Lake Studios Unfinished Fridays Series #59 (Berlin, DE) on June 21, 2019. It was also shown on July 13 at Ponderosa Dance (Stolzenhagen, DE), and on September 4 at the Durham Fruit (Durham, NC USA).

Check out a video from the performance here!