photo by Tim Walter

Undone is a series of original dance-theater scenes inspired by three questions:

Who am I?
Who are You?
How do We understand Each Other?

Five performing artists, along with director Nicola Bullock, met between June 2013 - June 2014 to better understand these questions and the many ways in which they can be answered. Most conversations centered around race - how it intersects with power, how it defines and transcends identity, and how it has informed the six artists in their own lives. Undone is one product of these conversations. It tells the sensual, complex, desperate, sexual story of being alive and relating to self and others.

Undone featured Zoia Cisneros, Lindsay Leonard, Monet Noelle Marshall, Jessi Knight-Walker, and Leah Wilks.

JUNE 12-14, 2014