what I'm into lately

I disabled my Facebook account- yay! The reason? Too many triggering news stories of late. I need a break. The only things I miss about Facebook are the ease with which I can see what’s happening in my friends lives; sharing events about my life; and the steady stream of interesting articles, podcasts, books, movies, and events that I find through my friends posts. I haven’t figured out how replace these features in my life without Facebook, but I’m working on it. And in the meantime, I want to share some consumables that I’m into right now.

This interview with Martin Shaw on Emergence Magazine. He tells and talks about stories in such an expansive, wondrous way. His thoughts reflect how I think about making dance: creation as an experience that happens in the dark, in the shadows of our consciousness. I loved hearing someone put words to this experience, and also hearing one wonderful story at the beginning of the interview.

This magazine is spectacular! It’s called Salty, and it’s “the new, radically inclusive media brand and community exploring everything modern dating, sex, and relationships for women, trans and non binary people” (from the website). The features, photographs, and interviews are inspiring because they challenge normativity on every level. They also have an Instagram worth following!

Seeing White from Scene on Radio was so damn good. It’s history, social science, sociology, and deep reflections on whiteness rolled into a 14-part podcast series. It’s a very sobering listen that looks at whiteness in the USA from different perspectives, and it was produced in NC by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke. I recommend this particularly for white folks.

That’s it for now! Comments are on, and if you feel like sharing something you’re really into (or any thoughts about what I shared) than please do! I’d love to hear.