photo by Zahra Banzi

photo by Zahra Banzi

oh hey!

It's been awhile! I've been busy taking care of business- important business- things like finding a long-term flatshare rental in Berlin, building a steady Pilates teaching schedule, and studying German. While it's been good (and necessary) to turn my attention to these self-sustaining activities, I've missed the fecund creativity and interpersonal connections spawned by big collaborative artistic endeavors.

Lucky for me I have some of these things coming up in the next weeks, months, and throughout the year! This newsletter covers a few of them - including info about performances both here and abroad; a link to an interview I did with The Field NYC; and an invitation to share your thoughts in order to help me prepare for an upcoming project.

I'm The Field NYC Meet Our Artists feature this month!

Check out this interview I did with The Field NYC! And do it soon, July is almost over!

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Faking It

This weekend I will perform in an improvisational dance spectacular with FAKE COMPANY about the intersection of reckonings (the time when one is called to account for one's actions) and antidotes (the balm, tonic, or cure). Don't know what that means? Neither do I! Ah, the beauty of improvisation!

FAKE at DOCK 11 postcard [front].jpg

GRRL HAUS CINEMA and Chouftouhonna!

Over the next two months I will have the pleasure of performing my 15-minute solo soft fists insist at two different events: on August 15 at the next GRRL HAUS CINEMA event at Loophole in Berlin; and in the beginning of September at the feminist arts festival Chouftouhonna in Tunis, Tunisia! Both of these events are super cool, and I am so excited for the opportunity to share my work, meet new friends, and experience a totally new culture.

photo by Zahra Banzi

photo by Zahra Banzi

I See You   Last January in Durham I modeled in this super-fun photo shoot at the  Durham Fruit with  Moriah LeFebvre Clayton . We were photographed by  Jed Gammon  and styled by  Alexis Artist . 

I See You

Last January in Durham I modeled in this super-fun photo shoot at the Durham Fruitwith Moriah LeFebvre Clayton. We were photographed by Jed Gammon and styled by Alexis Artist

last but not least

I'm so excited to announce that I will be coming to the US over the winter to dance, teach, perform, and PARTY! (haha just kidding I go to bed at like 10:00). But come I will: to make things, deepen relationships, and stay connected to the complex, troubled, and nonetheless amazing country I call home. As a way of helping me prepare for the experience, I invite you to write to me your thoughts about one (or all) of the following:

- Three words that describe your 2018 so far
- Any thoughts about what has changed in your life over the past two years, specifically in relation to the current political climate and situations
- Your dream day, by which I mean THE BEST DAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE

That's it for now. Thank you so much, and have a beautiful day!