art music dance performance theater poetry show!

That’s right, people.  Get ready for Sexy’s 2011 comeback in Durham.  We - artists and poets and dancers and musicians and visual and performance artists - will come together the night of Valentine’s Day, February 14th, to put on a little show for you.  The theme is Sexy, but I promise the show is neither an excuse to strut our stuff in lingerie nor an endorsement to sleep around.  It is a Performance Manifesto.  The show puts Sexy in the spotlight, challenging the artists to move from Sexy’s safe shadows into what can be its sometimes rocky and exposed epicenter, and asking the audience members to open themselves up to new understandings of it.  As we endorse and celebrate the choice to be/appreciate/see/embrace the Sexy Is Important life, we hope that you enjoy yourselves, and come to perceive and feel it differently as well.


I’m really excited to be the director and producer!  I am very confident of the caliber and creativity of the artists involved with this (who will be revealed soon enough …), and what we’re trying to do in and for the Durham arts scene.  It is time for Durham to own it’s Sexy, and who better to claim it than its artists?


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