danceSpark update

I’m representing this weekend as a choreographer and dancer in an original piece at danceSpark, the dance part of SparkConSparkCon is a big awesome arts festival in Raleigh, super accessible and inclusive of all ages, races, creeds, and temperaments.  Originally I had put out a call for dancers, and got a wonderful response - I would like to publicly say how disappointed I am that I had to postpone that piece.  Things went a little crazy in the old personal life, and I thank the dancers who did respond so enthusiastically to the potential and understandably to the circumstances of that piece.


So I thought about it some, and decided to create a solo that addresses some of the personal life stuff.


I’m calling it “you were supposed to be there”, and it’s about loss.  If you check their website, the piece is listed as occurring on the Main Stage, which is incorrect.  In fact, it will occur in front of a fountain on Fayetteville St. (at City Hall Plaza, in front of Z Pizza) at approximately 12:45pm on Sunday September the 19th.


And as much as I would love you all to come, don’t take the title of the piece personally.  I think you are most likely supposed to be wherever you find yourself, at 12:45pm, on Sunday September the 19th.


That being said, this piece is the freshest thing to hit the NC dance scene since Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour in the 90’s.